Instructors & Staff

Aram Nigoghossian
Aram NigoghossianArtist In Residence
The first time Aram struck hot steel was at a Discovery Day class at Adam’s Forge and that one hit changed the trajectory of his life. Aram comes from…
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Marguerite Duncan-Abrams
Marguerite Duncan-AbramsOperations Coordinator
Marguerite has 25 years experience working with Los Angeles nonprofit organizations in fund
development and…
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Keith Barletta
Keith BarlettaOperations Manager
Keith has been passionate about teaching blacksmithing for years and Adam’s Forge has been his home since the beginning. He has trained all across the United States in…
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Reymundo Jose-Maria De La Luz Torres Torrez Lopez
Reymundo Jose-Maria De La Luz Torres Torrez LopezInstructor
Hobbies-black powder horn maker, pre 1840 fur trade era, re-enactor, indian powwows…
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Amanda Kazarian
Amanda KazarianInstructor
Amanda Kazarian, one of our most dedicated instructors, grew up in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California. She attended the Art…
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Becky Schimpff
Becky SchimpffInstructor
Becky has been involved with blacksmithing at Adam’s Forge since 2013. Becky teaches classes, participates in…
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Gary Standke
Gary StandkeInstructor
I started blacksmithing in 1995 while volunteering to restore the Santa Susanna Railroad Depot. They needed…
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Leif Bennett
Leif BennettInstructor
I have been blacksmithing and metalworking since 1993, but found it difficult to improve my skills from books without a teacher. In 2012…
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