Connecting our past. Forging our future.

Adam’s Forge is dedicated to fostering and advancing the community of blacksmithing, metal working and hand-crafted arts by passing on the traditions, knowledge, artistry, and secrets of metalsmiths across generations and into the future.

Iron. To the human body, it is a mineral needed for growth and development. In the hands of a metalsmith, it is life itself.

When combined with fire, it creates magic.

The strength of the natural ore passes through the people who form it to create an unbreakable bond. Metalsmithing, from blacksmithing and blade smithing to decorative arts, connects us to our past while forging creativity, connectivity, and community across generations.

Our mission at Adam’s Forge is to provide a safe, inclusive, diverse and thriving community where people of all ages and backgrounds can share in the traditions, knowledge, artistry and secrets of metalsmiths and other hand-crafted arts.

Because the magic of iron is in everyone’s blood.