Prerequisite: Any Discovery Class

Date: December 11, 2021

Time: 2 PM – 6 PM

Location: Adam’s Forge

Instructor:  Gary Standke

Join us this Holiday season as we explore various forms of the split cross.  From the classic cross to snowflakes, to a version of the Celtic cross, which predates Christianity.

Taking precut material (no heavy pounding will be needed), we will transform it completely into something special by spreading and flattening.

Now your creativity can express itself. We will review how to change the shape and form of the arms by cutting, spreading, and curling. Then you apply the hammered texture of your choice with many options to choose from.

We will then show how to melt a glass marble into the cross.

After the forging, we will review the finishing options including brass brushing/ wax and a black finish.

This class is designed so a beginner, who has only taken the discovery day, can complete it. For those of you with further experience, you can modify the cross further to make it your own.  These make great gifts!

Tools:  Nothing is required for you to bring as we have all the tools needed at the school.

Skills covered:

Using a chisel to move metal

Surface texturing

Working with the horn of the anvil to change the center from a diamond to a round shape

Glass work