Prerequisite: Discovery Class

Date: April 24, 2021

Time: 9 AM – 3 PM

Location: Adam’s Forge

In this session students will learn to forge a set of scrolling tongs. Students will learn to forge the jaws, create a joint for smooth action, draw out the reins, rivet it all together and then adjust it to your hand.

Students will be using a round punch to punch the holes for the rivet to hold the tongs together. If you took session 3, bring your round punch so that you can use it! If you have not yet had a chance to forge a round punch, we will have round punches on hand for students to use.

This is the 7th session in our year long CBA Level 1 program. CBA Level 1 is based on standards required by the California Blacksmith Association for Level 1 (beginner) Certification. After completing the Level 1 program, students will have the skills needed to create basic blacksmithing projects and the associated tooling. Session 7 meets the CBA requirement of punching a hole using a round punch.

Each session in the program focuses on making one of the tools or completing one or more techniques required for certification. Each session builds on what is taught in earlier sessions, so we recommend that students commit to taking all of the sessions to get the most out of the program. Students use tools made in earlier sessions to make later projects, and then use these tools and techniques to complete the “final” for certification. However, if you are interested in a specific project and not the entire series, you are welcome to join classes of interest to you.

We require that students take at least a Discovery Class with us prior to starting CBA Level 1. While it is not required, we have found that students who have taken at least 3-5 project classes with us before starting Level 1 are more successful and get more out of the program.

The textbook for this program is Mastering the Fundamentals of Blacksmithing Volume 1 by Mark Aspery.

This class runs from 9 AM – 3 PM, with a one hour break for lunch.