Date: February 26, 2022

Time: 9 AM – 3 PM

Location: Adam’s Forge

Instructor: Leif Bennett

There is more than one way to create a hole in metal. You are likely familiar with using a drill. But what if you need to create a hole without removing too much material? A round punch is the best way to punch a hole while removing the least material. 

In this class students will learn to forge and heat treat a hand held round punch out of high carbon steel. Students will start by making the struck end using the same technique as with other hand tools such as the Hot Cut Chisel. Then students will create a long round taper to create the punch on the business end of the tool. Once the punch is filed and heat treated it will be ready for use.

Round punches are generally used to create the rivet holes. In fact, we’ll be using these punches next month in our Mortise and Tenon Class and later in the year to create the rivet holes in several projects, including a pair of tongs. Beyond creating holes, punches can be also be used to create the nose, eyes and ears when forging animals. The round punch can also be filed to make what is called a bob punch used to make the tab required to create a functional bottle opener. Once you learn how to make this basic round punch, you’ll be able to adjust the sizing and design for your own project needs. 

This class is part of our fundamental blacksmithing tools and techniques series of classes.  Students may take one or more of this series of classes, and may take them in any order. The classes are based on the standards required by the California Blacksmith Association for CBA Level 1 (beginner) certification. Students interested in certification will be able to meet the CBA requirements to 1) make a round punch, and 2) heat treat a tool upon completion of this class.

This class is most appropriate for the advancing smith with an interest in building skills and technique. While it is not required, we have found that students who have taken several project classes or workshops with us and/or spent time in Open Forge before starting this project are more successful and get more out of this class. All students must have taken a Discovery class with us.