Prerequisite: Any Discovery Class

Date: May 19, 2021 & May 28, 2021

Time: 6 – 10 PM

Location: Adam’s Forge

Please note: This class takes place over two consecutive Wednesday evenings.

Come learn how to make a simple knife from a railroad spike!

This is a fantastic class for those interested in blade making but not sure where to start. Great for all skill levels. For this class each student will be forging a completed blade from a railroad spike, heat treating it, sharpening it, and finishing it from beginning to end. Come join us!

All students must have taken Discovery with us before signing up for this class. We’ll be moving some serious metal, so be ready!

This class is scheduled as two consecutive Wednesday evening sessions starting at 6:00 pm.

Students must attend both sessions. Each session will run approximately 4 hours.