Date: July 20, 2024

Time: 9 AM – 3 PM

Location: Adam’s Forge

Instructor: Becky Schimpff

Prerequisite: Any Discovery workshop plus 2-3 project workshops.  The more experienced smith will get more out of this workshop.

Suggested Skill Level: Seasoned Beginner and up

Learn to forge a keyhole spatula in this fun class taught by Becky Schimpff. The keyhole spatula is a traditional shape that was used historically for fireplace cooking, with at least one spatula in every kitchen. Come forge your own! We promise it will be a great addition to your own kitchen, bbq or camp set-up.

Forging a keyhole shape presents a unique challenge: how do you get the metal to move into the desired shape with your hammer and anvil? In this class, Becky will introduce the concept of creating a pre-shape that allows us to isolate and then manipulate the bar to create the desired outcome, in this case a keyhole shape. This is an important concept in blacksmithing and understanding the concepts will help you as you approach your own projects.

Once set up with a pre-shape, Becky will demonstrate how to spread the bar using the peen of your hammer. This is an excellent exercise in hammer control, and we’ll spend some time looking at hammer blows and how your hammer blow impacts your results.

Once the spatula is formed, Becky will shift to handle design. She’ll show how to approach the handle and design considerations. Ultimately this part of the project is up to you, so bring your ideas and creativity!

Lastly, we’ll put on a food safe finish so your spatula will be ready to go to work.

There is lots of learning built into this project and the skills you learn will definitely improve your blacksmithing repertoire. And you’ll get to come home with a super rad spatula!

Becky is passionate about blacksmithing education; she is currently ABANA Education Chair and a member of the CBA Education Committee. She wrote a how-to on the keyhole spatula for the California Blacksmith Magazine and her article is currently available in the complementary version of the magazine on the CBA website. Check it out here –

Class runs from 9am – 3pm with a one hour meal break.

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