Prerequisite: Any Discovery Class or Letter Opener class

Date: November 13, 2021

Time: 9 AM – 3 PM

Location: Adam’s Forge

In this class, Adam’s Forge instructor Kent Lulewich will help equip you for a Viking adventure by teaching you to make a small iron age knife.  Not only is this an attractive tool, it’s also a pleasure to make, especially for those with little blacksmithing experience.  One of the advantages of this design is that it’s a one-piece knife; you don’t have the extra work of creating and attaching a handle. This enables you to bring home a beautiful and functional finished product.

In this class, you’ll practice moving metal to specific dimensions, tapering and turning the beautifully curved handle.  You’ll also gain experience in learning to hold awkward shapes while striking them.  Hint: using the right tongs helps!