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Dates & Times: November 10, 2024 from 9:00am – 5:00pm

November 11, 2024 from 10:00am – 4:00pm

Students must attend both days.

Location: Adam’s Forge

Instructor: Dossain Valencia

Prerequisites: Any Discovery workshop plus a Power Hammer Safety Workshop.  Previous experience with forge welding is recommended.

Suggested Skill Level: Seasoned beginner and up. Participants should have solid blacksmithing skills and be confident using hand tools before moving to the power hammer.

In this workshop, Adam’s Forge lead instructor Dossain Valencia will guide you in making a pattern-welded Damascus billet using contrasting high carbon steels.  You’ll gain instruction in preparing the billets, forge welding, and working with the power hammers & hydraulic press to draw them out.  The process will be repeated several times to increase the number of layers.  Finally, preliminary etching to reveal the pattern will be addressed, followed by a discussion of possible uses as well as tips on working with Damascus for future projects.

This workshop will run for 8 hours on day 1 and 6 hours on day 2 with an hour meal break.

Please note: the first week that registration for this workshop is open, spots may only be purchased by members. If you find you are unable to register, please check back after that first week has passed, or consider becoming a member of Adam’s Forge. All proceeds go towards supporting our amazing organization, and membership will bring you exclusive events and opportunities, along with a community of other blacksmiths!