Date: October 9, 16, 23, 2022

Time: 9 AM – 5 PM

Location: Adam’s Forge

Fee: $535

Please note: This class takes place over three consecutive Sunday morning/afternoon/evening classes.

Day 1: 10/9/22: 9am – 5pm with a 1-hour meal break

Day 2: 10/16/22: 9am – 5pm with a 1-hour meal break

Day 3: 10/23/22: 9am – 5pm with a 1-hour meal break

Students must attend all sessions.

This elegant knife will further refine the smith’s skills with the introduction of an integral bolster.  Not only is the bolster a beautiful detail, but it also serves as a strong transition element from the slender blade to the thicker handle, pleasing to both the eye and the hand.

On day one, we’ll cover design considerations, forging techniques, use of the guillotine tool, filing and grinding as well as heat treating.  We’ll start with a single piece of ½ inch round, O1 steel and will be emphasizing precision forging with close attention to temperatures.  When the blades are forged to dimension, we’ll do the rough grinding and prepare them for the normalization and annealing cycles.

On day two, we’ll drill the tangs, refine the bolster design if desired, rough-out the scales and liners, cut the pins and finish the blade grinding before getting them ready for the final heat treating.

On day three, we’ll do the final fit-up and gluing of the scales, liners and pins, finish polishing and sanding and end with a discussion of sealing options.

Successful students can expect to complete one 4-to-6-inch paring or steak knife.

Prerequisites: Letter Opener Discovery plus Introduction to Bladesmithing-Full tang Utility Knife or 2 other blade classes.  Exceptions are subject to administrative approval.

Advance booking for all classes is available to Adam’s Forge members during the first week of the month.  For more information, click here.