Date: December 12, 2021

Time: 9 AM – 1 PM

Location: Adam’s Forge

In this fun class, students will forge a steel bar into a heart shaped wall hook under the guidance of Adam’s Forge instructor John Drayer. In addition to making something both functional and beautiful, students will have a chance to refine and strengthen their forging skills, including:


  • Using a chisel to hot-cut the steel.
  • Learning the use of a ‘convenience’ bend to isolate the ends of the heart for tapering and scrolling
  • Creating decorative elements such as twists
  • Using the horn of the anvil to turn both the hook and the heart lobes
  • Hot punching or drilling the holes for attaching the hook to a surface

If you’ve had a chance to make your own hot cut or cold chisel, this is the perfect opportunity to use it!

Students will have the option of punching or drilling a hole into their piece for a screw with the drill press. They can finish their piece with a wire wheel or use a finishing wax.

This wall hook is a simple and attractive piece and John will explain how you can incorporate these design elements into your own projects using the concepts taught in class.  It’s a perfect gift to make for friends and family that allows the continuation of basic blacksmithing techniques. This is an opportunity to get artistic with metal and add a unique touch to home décor!

This class is specifically designed for the beginning smith with just Discovery or a couple of classes under their belt who wishes to build on their skill set.  Prerequisite is any Discovery class.

This class runs for 4 hours.