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Date: November 3, 2024

Time: 2 PM – 6 PM

Location: Adam’s Forge

Prerequisites: None; this is an introductory workshop

Our newest Discovery workshop is perfect for beginners and more experienced students alike. The project is simple, but leaves so much space for improvisation and creativity. If you want to see what you can really do, this is the workshop for you!

Using 1/4” mild steel bar, our instructor will demonstrate tapering the stock to create a tool that balances neatly in your hand while in use. They’ll show you several different design options, from various twists to different punches you can use for texture as well as different types of finials.  Then you’ll move on to the little chopstick rests.  Here, you can really let your imagination lead the way!  From traditionally simple and elegant shapes to wild and wacky and everything in between, you’ll be free to create your own custom set, or maybe more if you’re swift.

These also make great hair sticks, perfect for your own use, or if there is a certain long-haired person in your life you wish to impress.