Prerequisite: None.  This is an introductory class.

Date: December 10, 2021

Time: 10 AM – 2 PM

Location: Adam’s Forge

Instructor: William Larranaga

Would you like to expand your repertoire of metal working skills to include copper?  It’s a softer metal that’s easier to work and unlike steel, it remains pliable after annealing even when it’s cold.  So, you can put down the tongs and work with your bare hands!

This is a perfect class to introduce you to some of the skills you’ll need to produce beautiful copper pieces.  Adam’s Forge Instructor William Larranaga has over a decade of experience working with fine metals and will teach chasing techniques and the use of fullers and punches as well as some specialty hammers.  You’ll learn about work hardening, annealing, design considerations and how to plan your work for the desired outcome.

When you’ve finished forming your piece, you can add rainbow colors with a heat patina and finish it off with polishing.  Tools and material will be provided.  If you have a design in mind, bring it along.  Bear in mind that a simple design is best to start.

HYDRATION: If you’re not sweating you’re probably not doing it right. Please bring something non-alcoholic to drink. Water works perfectly!

PROTECTIVE CLOTHING (COTTON, WOOL, or LEATHER): Nonflammable material is REQUIRED at all times. Tee shirts and jeans are perfect.

FOOTWEAR (LEATHER, COTTON): Nonflammable and with the toes covered to protect the feet from the constant production of hot and sharp metal fragments which rain down on the feet constantly is REQUIRED at all times. A steel toe is optional and provides protection against a dropped hammer or work piece. Boots, with the pants outside the boot top will prevent the hot and sharp metal fragments from getting in and burning your feet.

Tools and equipment are provided without extra charge.

Eye protection is mandatory. Please bring your own safety glasses, or we can provide a new unused pair at no additional cost.

Gloves are optional. We recommend that you bring a pair in case you have trouble getting hot pieces in and out of the forge. If you decide you need a pair on the day of your class you can purchase them from Adam’s Forge for $5.00.