Prerequisite: Any Discovery Class

Date: July 24, 2021

Time: 9 AM – 3 PM

Location: Adam’s Forge

Instructor: Gary Standke

In this class we will make tools for the kitchen or any party. These wired cheese slicers come in both a “Handled” and “C” form. We will forge them from mild steel and apply a wax finish. Then we will string it with a fine stainless-steel wire so you can slice through any cheese you can find.

We start by drawing out the steel as you did in the Discovery Day Class. Then we will bend and twist the handle, followed by forming it into a comfortable shape. Finally, we will review the different styles of the arms and you will choose the depth and width which best fits the blocks of cheese you plan to slice.

Once the shaping of the slicer is completed, a wax finish is applied to protect the steel from kitchen abuse. Finally, a stainless-steel wire will be attached and tensioned appropriately to slice your cheese.

After you finish the handled Cheese Slicer, we will show you how to make a “C” form slicer. You will then have no problem making the “C” form of cheese slicer using what you have learned in the class.

Much fun to be had by all and you will have some unique tools you will definitely want to make again and again as gifts for all your friends.

Skills learned: Tapers, twisting, bending over the horn, and finishing.

Student fee of $175 includes the material for both cheese slicers.

This class runs from 9 AM-3 PM, with a one-hour break for lunch.