Prerequisite: Any Discovery Class

Date: February 19, 2022

Time: 9 AM – 3 PM

Location: Adam’s Forge

Do you want to expand your skills as a blacksmith? This is a class that can help!

Much of the beauty of hand-forged ironwork comes from the use of traditional joinery. In this class, we’ll build on the basic skills introduced in the Discovery class, such as tapering, twisting and scrolling. To these, we’ll add hot cutting, punching and riveting, to really expand the possibilities of what you can make.

You’ll start with 3 pieces of steel that you’ll forge, taper and twist. You’ll also learn how to hot cut, punch, then rivet and assemble them into a wall-mounted bracket.  Let your imagination go wild!  Will it hold a hanging lamp, a banner or plants?   This bracket is both decorative and functional.  And what a great personalized gift!

Under the guidance of Adam’s Forge Instructor John Drayer, students will expand their craft and develop their understanding of more advanced blacksmithing projects.

Pre-requisite: we require that students take at least a Discovery class prior to this class. While not required, we’ve found that students who’ve also taken 2-3 project classes and have developed some confidence with hammer control will have a more satisfying experience in this class.

The class runs for 6 hours with a one-hour lunch break.